Michigan Licensed Child Care Providers: Comparing July 2022 with the Present

The map below shows the status of Michigan licensed child care providers and their service capacity since July 2022. Each provider with a unique license number is marked as a colored dot based on its location and whether it is new, closed, or continuing. If a site has multiple licenses attached to its address, it will be marked with multiple dots. Similarly, if a licensed provider is closed and a provider with a new license number is registered within the same site, the site will show one closed and one new provider. When you hover over a dot, you will see the name and the license number of the provider. Use the selection options for the urgency level and county-specific reports.

This map was designed to help the State of Michigan identify shortages in licensed child care facilities and to track progress toward equal access, in keeping with the goals of the Child Care Development Block Grant. As of spring 2023, the number of new and expanded facilities, taken together, exceeded the Caring for MI Future goal of 1,000 facilities. This number does not account for facilities that closed during the same period. It does include facilities that expanded by adding slots.