Services for MSU Faculty, Staff, and Students

Partnership Development

CERC facilitates partnerships for research and evaluation by bringing community groups together with researchers and evaluators to address community-based research and evaluation questions and assess the quality and effectiveness of programs.

Evaluation Capacity Building

CERC assists MSU faculty, staff, and students in developing their capacity for evaluation and assessment and provides them with the tools to examine the effectiveness of their programs. For projects with a community engagement component, CERC offers support on evaluation design, preparation of the evaluation sections of grant proposals, and finding qualified evaluators to conduct the evaluations funded proposals.

For information about our CERC consultants, visit Robert Griffore's page or Laurence Rosen's page.

Knowledge Exchange

University Outreach and Engagement (UOE) has developed a variety of educational resources related to community engagement, evaluation, and systemic approaches. View the UOE webpage on Learning Opportunities for details.

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