Program Evaluation and Logic Models

Free Management Library
The Free Management Library provides resources for for-profit and non-profit organizations on a wide range of topics including evaluation.

Compassion Capital Fund: Intermediary Development Series
The Intermediary Development Series is a multi-volume series designed to outline the key steps and elements necessary to help intermediaries build capacity in the faith-based and community-based organizations (FBO/CBOs) they serve. This volume is entitled: Measuring Outcomes.

Usable Knowledge, LLC
Usable Knowledge, LLC provides a power point presentation, complete with voice-over, entitled Program Evaluation and Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations, for developing logic models.

The United Way of America
The United Way of America, one of the earliest non-profit organizations to develop an introductory training guide for outcome measurement, offers the Outcome Measurement Resource Network.

University of Wisconsin Extension Service: Program Development and Evaluation
Everything about logics models from the University of Wisconsin Extension Service.

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
The Healthy Youth web site, of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, provides the Centers for Disease Control Program Evaluation framework, handbooks they have developed, topical newsletters, a series of Evaluation-related Briefs, and links to other web sites.

Partnership-driven Resources to IMprove and Enhance Research (PRIMER)
Partnership-driven Resources to IMprove and Enhance Research (PRIMER) is a toolkit for health research in partnership with practices and communities. The web site is organized around five typical phases of multi-site research from formation to close-out. In each of these sections, you'll find resources and tools that have been used in other research networks.

Outcome Indicators Project
The Outcome Indicators Project is a joint effort between the Urban Institute and the Center for What Works. It contains a number of helpful papers, such as Surveying Clients about Outcomes and Using Outcome Information. It also has outcomes and performance indicators in 14 programs areas, such as performing arts, prisoner re-entry, emergency housing, etc.

Harvard Family Research Project
The Harvard Family Research Project web site offers reports and newsletters on how to carry out various types of evaluation on three basic topics: out-of-school time programs, complementary learning, and family involvement.

The Evaluation Center: Western Michigan University
Western Michigan University's Evaluation Center web site offers checklists on a variety of topics.

Easy Outcomes
Easy Outcomes is a user-friendly version of a more formal approach (Systematic Outcomes Analysis) which can be implemented on a particular piece of software designed for doing this type of work. It is free and the site designers would like to hear from people using their approach.