Internationalizing Student Outreach Research and Evaluation

The Internationalizing Student Outreach Research and Evaluation project is a multi-part study. First it is an evaluation of three MSU student programs that match international experiences with outreach activities. The evaluation is a mixed-methods approach that emphasizes student outcomes and contains elements of on-site observation of student-staff interactions and student and staff interviews. The second part is a research study that seeks to develop a quantitative model and measurement tool for student outcomes related to international outreach experiences. The model is based on life-span development, dynamic systems, and developmental contextualism theory. The model also contains a comprehensive measurement of character development and internalization of an orientation towards global community. The last part is an initiative to promote, through research, the inclusion of student outreach activities within international studies and programs.

Additional CERC members: Jessica Barnes
MSU Partners: Community Evaluation and Research Collaborative; Department of Psychology; Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies; College Assistance Migratory Program; Office of Study Abroad; Office of Student Affairs and Services; Internationalizing Student Life
Funder: Michigan State University Office of Student Affairs and Services; University Outreach and Engagement