Great Parents, Great Start (GP, GS) Evaluation Project

The state-wide Great Parents, Great Start Evaluation has three main purposes: 1) documenting the relationship among the intermediate school district (ISD; the grantee), the local child care services community and others; 2) identifying the type collaborative that exists between the ISD and community partners involved in delivering GP, GS services; and 3) identifying the types of universal and targeted services provided and the volume of families receiving the services. The method being used for this evaluation is a document review of the ISD’s 2005-06 and 2006-07 GP, GS Proposals. CERC products from this evaluation project include: an evaluation report, a review of the early childhood community services system literature and a review of the approaches being taken by the most progressive states to serve families with young children. In addition, two parent opinion surveys were designed – one for families receiving home visiting services and the other for families participating in parent-child play groups – and were made available to the ISDs for their own use.

Please contact Celeste Sturdevant Reed for more information

Additional CERC Members: Laura V. Bates, Miles McNall
Funder: GP,GS Grantees (a portion of their GP,GS grant was reserved for evaluation)
Community Partners: Midland County Educational Services Administration and Michigan Department of Education Office of Early Childhood and Family Services