Coordinated Community Student Survey Project (C2S2)

In 2003, a research team that included research staff at Michigan State University and program staff from schools, districts, and the ISD in Genesee County convened to create a survey instrument called the Coordinated Community Student Survey (C2S2). The C2S2 tracks student outcomes across the county. An asset-based, developmental methodology was adopted, allowing the research team to examine how student outcomes change over time. The guiding research questions proposed are:

  • What are student needs and strengths, and do these needs and strengths differ across communities?
  • What are the critical ages to begin prevention activities across different domains of student outcomes?
  • What are the differences in needs and strengths for males and females?
  • How do the home, school, and neighborhood environments influence student outcomes? How do these influences change as the student ages?
  • How does participation in support services offered at school influence student outcomes?

The Genesee Intermediate School District, Flint Community Schools, and all 20 school districts in Genesee County are using the Coordinated Community Student Survey to provide information about student needs and about the effectiveness of the health, safety, and nutrition services available to K-12 students across the county.

Additional CERC members: Tomuel Scott
Funder: Genesee Intermediate School District; Flint Community Schools; United Way of Genesee County; C.S. Mott Foundation; Ruth Mott Foundation; U.S. Department of Education
MSU Partners: Community Evaluation and Research Collaborative; Department of Psychology; Department of Statistics and Probability
Community Partners: Genesee Intermediate School District; all 21 school districts in Genesee County, including Flint Community Schools; United Way of Genesee County