Lansing Equity Project Evaluation

With our Lansing Equity Project, we are working to create a more inclusive model of ownership, empowerment, and shared decision-making within our community's early childhood system by:

  • Focusing on systems that support vulnerable children through critical development stages
  • Identifying what works and does not work in translating research into action
  • Providing common language, best practices, and new knowledge to service providers, educators, community organizers, and interested citizens
  • Implementing strategies that reduce barriers for children of color and children living in poverty
  • Identifying ways to create effective policies and practices that benefit underserved populations

Please contact Miles McNall for more information

Additional CERC members: Laura Bates
Funder: W. K. Kellogg Foundation
MSU Partners: Community Evaluation and Research Collaborative; University-Community Partnerships
Community Partners: Power of We Consortium, Ingham Intermediate School District, Ingham County Health Department, One Love Global